"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

                   So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails."

                                                                                       - Mark Twain 


        Explore.    Dream.    Discover.


Creative Travel 

We are a full-service travel agency operating out of Belmont, North Carolina since 1990. We have earned a reputation for customer satisfaction with our uncompromising commitment to service, innovation, and excellence.

We will be your personal travel industry consultants. We take our job seriously, assisting in the efficient management of your travel dollars. Everything we do is focused on providing you with unparalleled savings and service. We provide our services to individuals, businesses, and groups of all sizes. At Creative Travel, we each have our own specialties to maximize our efficiency and better serve our valued customers. We provide a hometown connection to the world.


Our Mission 

Serving the Charlotte region, Creative Travel provides a hometown connection to the world. We are travel educators who go the extra mile to make business travel pleasant and vacation travel extraordinary.


Core Values


Our clients tell us that they love working with us because we know what we are doing. Expertise breeds professionalism, and with over a hundred years of combined experience in the travel industry, we have plenty enough knowledge to guide you through your next vacation! We have been to most of the destinations our clients want to travel to which gives us a level of expertise you will rarely find in any other agency. Our experience and professionalism allows us to serve our clients consistently and accurately. In the event that anything goes wrong, we will go as far as necessary to make it right.



Our clients work with us because of the personal touches. Here at Creative Travel, we believe in the small things... A smile that you can hear over the phone; a friendly setting to do business in, and a willingness to accommodate your requests. As our client, you become more than just another customer.  We take steps to know your destination and activity preferences, what you like and what you'd prefer to stay away from. Our clients enjoy our passion for educating them about new and different places, allowing them to travel with ease and grace while we do all of the footwork. 



We value our clients and employees enough to do the right thing. We set honest expectations, put them in writing and deliver. Our travel recommendations are based on what is best for our clients, not best or most convenient for us.  We listen to our customers' concerns and grow with each suggestion.  We are continually looking for better ways of doing things and building a better agency. Additionally, we are committed to being a good community steward, supporting worthwhile projects and organizations.



"Hi. I'm Rebecca Johns, president of Creative Travel, Inc. No two travel agencies are alike, and at Creative Travel we'd like to show you just how different we are. We hope you'll select us because of the quality of our service and our tireless dedication to you, whether you're a corporate client or just seeking a weekend getaway. Let us show you just how enthusiastic, competent, and friendly we are!"

Rebecca Johns, President of Creative Travel, Inc.